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Welcome! Here you will find the most recent samples of my blog writing, undergraduate coursework and examples of professional writing.

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Learning palaeography in lockdown

Deciphering written manuscripts and learning about the vital role the church played in Scottish communities in the Early Modern period.

Pompeii in one day

What is there to say about Pompeii that hasn't already been said? It is arguably the world's most famous archaeological site, with...

Re-visiting rural roots

By Christmas 2020 I hope that many things will have changed, but I take comfort knowing the Ankerwycke Yew will have remained the same...

Art in Pompeii

The dramatic scenes of worship and home live give visitors a glimpse of what pieces of every day life the ancient locals held dear.

Polesden Lacey

In warm and dimly lit halls you can meander past great works of art and beautifully preserved books and artefacts.

The Molyneux Globe

Seeing the map details up close gives a real insight to how the world would have appeared in the minds of the average Brit at the time

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