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Welcome! Here you will find the most recent samples of my blog writing, undergraduate coursework and examples of professional writing.

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The Molyneux Globe

Seeing the map details up close gives a real insight to how the world would have appeared in the minds of the average Brit at the time


cultivation of the humble tulip remains a hugely successful industry in the Netherlands to this day.

A lesser known attraction of Amsterdam

This enclosed courtyard houses a peaceful neighbourhood for the Begijnen. No that's not a Dutch swear word, the word Begijnen refers to a co

A fragrant place of reverie

If you're ever wandering around the buzzing Clerkenwell district with 10 minutes to spare, this time capsule of a London long-lost is well

An East Coast Summer Sunset

There's something magical about being out on the water while the sun sets. The perfect way to savour a trip to the coast during Summer is to

Melbourne Street Art

The laneways of Melbourne attract tourists and artists alike and are well worth exploring.

Birthday bash

A snapshot of birthday celebrations for a friend. Sun shining, a rented Airbnb in Chichester, beer, home made mojito and pizza galore...

Boxgrove Priory

The beautiful Boxgrove Priory has two areas for the public to explore - humble ruins in a nearby field, and the exquisite parish church.

2018 Beer and Cider Marketing Awards

I was lucky enough to head along to the annual Beer and Cider Marketing Awards with my work recently, held in the trendy Old Truman...

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand, near Tintagel, is a quiet and stunning beach with only a single pub to indicate any human presence at the beauty spot.

By the Sea Shore

Locals, gulls and visitors alike all flock to the shore on a sunny day in Hastings. The conditions were perfect last Saturday for...


Every inch of the grand home is dipped in history and each room is stunningly pristine and intact.

Restormel Castle

This perfectly rounded castle is one of "four chief Norman castles" found in Cornwall.

St Nectan's Glen

The beautifully clear River Trevillet flows through the valley over three waterfalls, with a quaint shop offering wellington boots for hire.

Tintagel and St Materiana's Church

On this coastal path from St Materiana church, walkers can gain brilliant views of the Tintagel castle ruins from above.

Picturesque Port Isaac

Crawling with tourists at the first sign of sunshine, I would recommend getting into Port Isaac as early as possible.

Processions March 2018

Handed a flag in either purple, green or white, grinning girls, ladies and non binary folk alike, proudly marched past London's sights as po

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