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An East Coast Summer Sunset

There's something magical about being out on the water while the sun sets. The perfect way to savour a trip to the coast during Summer is to head out on a boat, just as the tendrils of a salty breeze begin to crack through the lingering humidity.

Along the shore front of Port Macquarie's Town Wharf are a selection of fishing, jet boating, sight-seeing and whale watching boat tour options to pick from. On the particular November afternoon I happened to be walking along the shore, the Port Adventure Cruises were promoting a sunset cruise from 6:00pm for $20 per person - BYO food, drink and good company.

A quick trip to Aldi for snacks and the bottle shop for wine and beers, while a friend gathers picnic essentials from around the house, is all the preparation required.

Following the sunset cruise by sitting out on the grassy shore front with drinks, friends, and a willingness to let any stress dissolve as you watch the sun fizzle away into the darkening sky is an optional exta - but highly recommended.

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