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The Bloemenmarkt is a flower market in central Amsterdam, each shop technically 'floating' on the canal - making it the only floating flower market in the world. A coveted title no doubt.

The market sells many different flower seeds and bulbs, with a few stalls also selling fresh bouquets, but the majority of visitors to the site are attracted to the paraphernalia and souvenirs available of Holland's most iconic bloom - the tulip.

When tulips were brought to Holland in the 16th century from present day Turkey, a flower-infused frenzy swept the nation. By the mid 17th century, the popularity of the flower had caused the cost of tulip bulbs to soar to such a height that they were being used as currency.

Despite the eventual burst of this historical economic bubble, cultivation of the humble tulip remains a hugely successful industry in the Netherlands to this day.

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