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Boxgrove Priory

Just moments from the bustling heart of Chichester is the picturesque village of Boxgrove. The beautiful site of Boxgrove Priory has two areas for the public to explore - humble ruins in a nearby field, and the exquisite parish church.

Surrounded by lemon trees, the church is a rustic brick affair tha appears to have been much larger, once upon a time, judging by the ruined walls connecting to the main body of the building.

At the entry, little details - like automatic doors and electronic wheelchair ramp access - quickly indicate to visitors that this rural place of worship has been painstakingly cared for and brought into the 21st century... With no expense spared.

Stepping inside the church, any thought of it's rustic exterior melts away as the brilliantly lit majestic interior comes into focus.

Given the grandiosity of what exists of Boxgrove Priory Church today, it's hard to imagine what it would have looked like before such large portions of the estate fell into ruin.

While you're able to walk around and touch the ruins of halls and external buildings, time has rendered the remains almost featureless.

While these areas may one day crumble entirely, the work that's been done to preserve the primary building and gardens has been done with such care that Boxgrove Priory will no doubt remain a gorgeous place to visit for decades to come.

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