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By the Sea Shore

Locals, gulls and visitors alike all flock to the shore on a sunny day in Hastings.

The conditions were perfect last Saturday for exploring the charismatic streets of Hastings Old Town, as rays of sunshine cut through the crisp cool winds coming off the English Channel.

On arrival it seemed that everywhere I looked I could see a modern day connection to the towns historic fishing industry. With several museums, an aquarium, and pubs and restaurants all playing on the sailing themes in their names and decor. Not to mention the vast amount of fish and chip shops and fresh seafood counters piled along the high street.

Behind the facade of the wooden museums and historic vessels on display for the tourists, modern fishing boats and trawlers were also parked neatly on the shore, accompanied by dozens of black huts selling their freshly caught and glistening wares.

The simplicity of these particular store fronts caught my eye, with their black chalk signs and crushed ice on the counter tops. They offered such a different experience to buying fish at a supermarket; always stacked on a crowded shelf amongst a dozen other never-out-of-season goods, wrapped in plastic and sweating under fluorescent lights and gaudy discount signs.

While the displays at the fishmongers were proudly minimalist, the same could not be said of the high street restaurants - where all variety of vibrant produce was elaborately displayed with fresh lemon and herbs to tempt passers by. I fell for this mouth watering method of marketing hook, line and sinker.

With prosecco in hand and friends in company, sharing a vast tower of fresh oysters, prawns, shellfish, whelks, dressed crab and garlic mussles at Whites Seafood & Steak Bar was the perfect end to a beautiful day in Hastings.

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