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Hijack The Streets: What's your dating horror story?

October 21, 2014

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“We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end,” wrote Hunter S. Thompson in his famous Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Although Thompson was referring to going out on assignment and writing in the harsh American desert (while experimenting with an assortment drugs), this motto is just as applicable to the murky world of dating. This week we hit the streets of Macleay College in Sydney to hear some horror dating stories.

Brian, 19

HJCKD: What’s your dating horror story?

So I dated this girl, and I went for a date with her at Bar Century, we’d been together for a while… then we went to go have sex in the bushes and I saw a blanket … and I kicked it over and there was human faeces under it.

HJCKD: How did that work out for you?

The funny thing was I didn’t want to have sex …she really wanted to … and then it happened, and I had human faeces all down my jeans.

Then I had to take the train back home, and when I got back I was like “mum I slipped in mud, can you wash my jeans?”

Benedicte, 22

HJCKD: What’s your dating horror story?

I had a guy who made me pay him back for dinner because I wouldn’t go home with him. It was so bad. It was actually really scary because he’d pushed me up against a wall and I said “um I feel really uncomfortable.” I eventually ended up driving off with him hanging out of my car.

HJCKD: How do those bad experiences change your dating habits?

Now I make a really big point of going halves on the first date, because I never want to get in that situation ever again.

Jenny*, 22

HJCKD: What’s your dating horror story?

There was this guy who looked really hot in his (tinder) photos right…He was actually half my size…He said he was an actor, but he wasn’t even an actor! He’d had one commercial in like 5 years… He was 31. That day I met him he turned 31! It was his birthday. It was really cold and he’s like “can I hug you?” and I’m like “um, OK”.

I actually don’t mind hugs so whatever, but I look back now and I’m like I shouldn’t have let that happen… It’s a pretty perv move… He just started humping me!

HJCKD: How do those bad experiences change your dating habits?

Well I like going through that weird things like that, cos you just have boundaries next time, like you just don’t go there [again].

*Name has been changed

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