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Tintagel and St Materiana's Church

I arrived in Tintagel to see the famous ruins, believed to be the birthplace of the legendary (mythical, some would say) King Arthur. but my plans were sadly disrupted as the site was closed - due to protesters taking the castle hostage! Local shopkeepers suggested this may have been in protest to the construction of a new bridge on the site.

As Tintagel Castle was off limits, many tourists including myself headed along the paths to Glebe Point where St Materiana's Church stands. With the sun whining and friendly sheep in the fields, it made for a beautiful walk to this 6th century place of worship.

Inside the church are some incredible historical artefacts, including a Norman font and an inscribed Roman stone, remained for visitors to see. The graveyard of St Materiana's had most stunning ocean views and a coastal path that wound down the cliff side back to Tintagel village.

As it turned out, along this coastal path from St Materiana walkers can gain brilliant views of the Tintagel castle ruins from above - which somewhat soothed the frustration of not being able to get into the site itself!

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